Noa Vlessing is a Toronto native singer-songwriter, currently based in Boston. Noa Vlessing creates heartfelt music reflecting a soulful mix of pop melodies, catchy hooks, and honest, inspiring lyrics that speak of wisdom far beyond her years. In June of 2016, Noa garnered a huge success after releasing her song ‘Oh Charlie’, which she wrote about being stood up by pop-star Charlie Puth. A buzz-feed article about ‘Oh Charlie’ reached over 46,000 impressions in the span of three short months. 


In October of 2016, Noa successfully debuted her first single ‘Back in Time’ - a beat-driven electronic pop song made for dancing. Noa is constantly back in forth performing in Boston and Toronto giving the world a taste of her music. She is currently working on her EP titled ‘Album Zero’ which is set to release winter 2017. 


Noa is an artist who spotlights the power of simplicity by delivering a ‘less is more’ aesthetic. With a captivating voice, seemingly effortless delivery, and a distinct flair for her craft, Noa is an exciting young artist to watch. 




“Her songs wavered between R&B and pop influences, anchored by consistently rhythmic, almost funky guitar riffs and self-aware lyrical sass and honesty. She got the crowd to do slow, groovy snaps…her voice opened up with warm ease in her higher register.”


“Pretty impressive… she’s got just shy of 13,000 views, but I have a feeling that could start to grow.”


“…Vlessing’s blooming songwriting ability….”Back In Time”, an ultra-slick and polished alt-pop tune with modern R&B tendencies.” 


“…like any good musician, she channelled her feelings into a song…and what a song it is.”